Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kai LOVES bOoKs!!!

I have been putting off hOuSe WoRk for awhile now and last night it finally GoT tO mE, the house HAD to be cLeAnEd !!I was finding all of the usual mIspLAcEd things until I got to mR. eLmEr KaI's room. Tucked away in his favorite corner was a bOoK.... A HALF EATEN BOOK!!! No wonder the kid won't eAt HiS dInNeR!!! (The book is six pages and he ate through the corner of ALL of them!)


Kelsey said...

It's unbelievable how babies can tear up a card board book. Their slobber can destroy anything! If I let Michael I think he'd destroy a lot of his books.

Melissa and Bryan said...

Thanks for remembering my birthday Cindy!! I still remember when you guys threw me a surprise birthday party at your house! That was so fun! And remember when I stayed with your family while my parents took Lance to the MTC. And on my birthday your family took my out to Red Robin! I loved that! We really did have a great childhood!
I can't believe Kai chewed threw the entire book! How funny! That picture of him eating that cookie is adorable! What a cutie!!

Ashleigh said...

haha.. this brings back memories of claire eating her books. Kids can destroy just about anything it seems.