Saturday, February 28, 2009

CoOkIe mOnStEr!!!

Being the sWeeT tOOth that I am I tried really hard not to give Kai any cookies or candy, only HeaLtHy fOoD, and I did a good job, until...GrAnDmA came to town and all my efforts went right out the window! The vErY fIrSt thing she did when we got home from the airport was give Kai a OrEo cOoKie. Kai was a little weary at first but after the first taste he was iN lOvE!!! Grandma had stolen Kai's heart with an oReO! That wasn't the only thing she stole that day... my hEaLtHy EaTeR has been replaced by a cOoKiE mOnStEr!!! Oh well, isn't that why we all loved our grandma's!?!

Friday, February 27, 2009

I am back in AcTiON and ready to bLOg. Life is a lot more FUN with the wEb. ThANkS everyone for letting me know I was mIsSeD!!! YoU aLl were missed too!!! Now I just need to figure out wHeRe to BeGiN!?!