Friday, September 19, 2008

Summer Days... all year long!!!

Elmer and Kai at sunset

One of the reasons it is so great to live in Hawaii is no doubt the weather. All year long the sun pours its blissful rays of sunshine down on this beautiful island allowing the great outdoors to be discovered any day of the year. While most of you are baking in 90 degrees or hotter our hot summer days barely reach the 90's, and then while most of you are knee deep in snow the only thing that I may be knee deep in is sand! But whether it is winter or summer the beautiful seaside parks continues to be the "great outdoors" that Kai has been discovering lately. Looking back on my expectations of what the whole motherhood experience would be like I never thought it could be this much fun doing the most mundane things. Like just last night I was making the bed and Kai saw this as an opportunity to play peek-a-boo. His head barely reached above the mattress but was high enough for me to see his delightful smile and twinkling eyes. What should have only taken 2 minutes keep both Kai and mommy fully entertained for a good hour. I am constantly amazed by just how much I love this little boy. Every day my love grows deeper and deeper for this little man that has only been in my life a little over a year and a half ( 10months plus pregnancy ) and everyday I wonder how I ever lived life without Kai.
On this particular day we were going to a church BBQ in the park on Labor Day. Kai loves the swings and while this wasn't his first experience of the swings it was his first of grass. He had another first this day, he ate fish and... loved it!!!

My adventurous baby boy loves the swing and he loves it even more when he swings HIGH.

I can't even stand how STINKING CUTE he is!!!

From the look on his face I would say he enjoys sand between his toes better.


Kelsey said...

You have a good life there in Hawaii Cindy. I wish we had more weather like yours. Michael doesn't like grass either. I don't know if he likes sand yet, hopefully we can find that out soon.

The Feely Crew said...

Cindy, I'm so glad you have a blog. I can now stop asking Rach how you are and what you are doing. I can't tell you how often I ask about you and think about you. We did some really fun stuff together. You little guy is so cute. I think I need to feel some sand in my toes!!


Leiser Family said...

I am totally missing you guys! Kai is so adorable. Can you send him back with Mom? I really need to see him and kiss those chubby cheeks.


Anonymous said...

He is so adorable!! No wonder you're in love!