Friday, September 12, 2008

Beach Baby

One of my favorite things about living here on Maui is that we can go to the beach any time we want and there are so many beautiful beaches. When Elmer and I were picking out names for our baby the name Kai was a quick pick. Not only was it cute but in the Hawaiian language Kai means ocean, but with a deeper meaning. The ocean to the Hawaiians was a giver of life. My little Kai really has given me the gift of living. Each day he takes me with him and shares his joy in discovering this beautiful world. When we first got here Elmer took Kai out to the ocean and jumped in. He was only 4 months then and the BIG, cold, noisy waves that came crashing down only scared him for a minute, over the next couple of months he learned to LOVE the ocean. We go to the beach often, almost daily and while we might not always get in the water nothing feels better to me than to be snugly in my Elmer Sandwich watching the waves come and go.
My brave little boy faces waves that were as big as he is when the first hit.

I love to watch him learn. And am constantly wondering "just what is he thinking about"

Kai was perfectly happy doing nothing but putting his toes in the cool wet sand

I think that if you could take a picture of my heart you would find the same image, Kai's precious little foot prints all over my heart. I LOVE YOU KAI!!!
Work it Baby, work it! He is already posing for pictures on the beach half naked!!!


Kelsey said...

Hey Cindy, of course you can! Your little man is adorable! Such a cute family you have. I'm glad that I'll be able to keep up with you! So you live in Hawaii? I'm down in San Antonio. ;)

Em and Ms said...

Hi Cindy! I just saw your comment on Melinda's blog. Your little guy is ADORABLE!!! How fun that you get to go to the beach so much. We love the beach, but it's a good 4 hour drive from here. We live in the Las Vegas area now. Feel free to check out our blog!

Riggs Familia said...

WOW Cindy! Kai looks alot like you in that last picture. I too, am grateful to find old friends blogs. Thanks for commenting! He's such a cute 'lil thing! I was gonna say...I wish you guys were closer, but we moved away. So even if you were in tricities it would still seem just as far. (we're in colorado now).
Sounds like you're enjoying motherhood. It's wonderful, isn't it?! Although, it may have it's "moments" you forget about them as soon as you see the sweet lil smile, they always give it to you when they're in trouble!
Take Care.

Leiser Family said...

That is so touching. I am so glad that you have Kai! He is soo cute! I can't wait to see him again. I really miss that tinky poo

Melissa and Bryan said...

I'm so glad you found everyone's blogs too! It's so fun to see what everyone is up to. Kai is so so cute!! SO lucky to live so close to the beach!! How fun!

Jas and Rach said...

Oh man am I jealous or what. That ocean water look so clear and inviting. You lucky dogs. I can't believe how big that cutie of yours is getting.

Jenny W said...

Oh, Cindy....HE IS A DOLL!! I love that footprints picture....Super cool! Glad you guys are doing so great....Give Kai loves from us :)

blog648 said...

He's a cutie. And your wrie really well. I hope we see more of that. Oh, and more pictures of Kai, too. ;)